Receiving pension

The pension that you accrue during your employment with EY or HVG Law is yours and will remain yours. Once you retire, this pension will be paid to you for the duration of your lifetime.

Applying for a pension

Six months before you turn 67, you will receive a letter from the pension fund asking you when you are planning to retire. It is therefore important that to make sure that the pension fund always has your correct address. You can also indicate other preferences in this letter. Please contact the pension fund if you plan to retire before you turn 67.

Your first pension benefits

Your pension benefits will be deposited into your bank account around the 25th day of each month. You will also receive a statement for the first payment. This statement shows your gross and net pension amounts. Pensioenfonds Ernst & Young in liquidatie automatically deducts taxes from your pension. We deposit the net amount into your bank account. If the amount of the benefits changes, you will receive a new benefits statement.

The annual statement

When you are retired and receiving pension, Aegon will send you an annual statement on behalf of Pensioenfonds Ernst & Young in liquidatie. This will indicate the exact amount of pension that you received in the previous year; and the amounts that were deducted for taxes and the income-related compulsory health insurance. You will receive this annual statement before 31 March, which allows you to use it when you make your tax declaration.

Your choices when you retire

Please inform the pension fund of your address abroad