Living abroad

If you live abroad, it’s important to know that some things are not automatically arranged. The most important matters are explained for you here.

No benefits from the Dutch government

For each year that you live or work outside the Netherlands, you will receive 2% of a full state pension. The country in which you live may provide its own state pension. 

Make sure that we can reach you

If you live abroad, it's not easy for us to find your address information. We are not automatically informed of address changes abroad. This means that you should provide the pension fund with your address information and inform us of any changes if you live abroad.

Life certificate

If you live abroad and receive pension benefits, you must send us a form proving that you are still alive every year. Aegon will send you a letter or email with the 'Life certificate' form. You should complete the form and send it back to Aegon.

A new relationship

If you get married abroad, you should register your partner with the pension fund, as they will be entitled to a partner's pension. This also applies if you start living together officially.


If you live abroad and pass away, the pension fund is not automatically informed. This means that your surviving dependants should contact the pension fund if you pass away. We will then arrange the benefits for your partner.

Tax rules

You pay taxes on your pension benefits. Pensioenfonds Ernst & Young in liquidatie deducts these taxes from your pension and pays you the net amount. Other tax rules may apply in the country in which you live.

Everything about the state pension

Please inform the pension fund of your address abroad

Register your partner with the pension fund using this form