Pensioenfonds Ernst & Young in liquidatie carries out the pension scheme for EY and HVG Law employees. We strive to achieve a careful, efficient and professional implementation of the pension regulations. The pension fund is a foundation, which means that your interests (and your pension!) are our main priority, instead of profit.

Board of liquidators

The pension fund is managed by the Board of liquidators. The Board of liquidators is responsible for managing the pension fund and implementing the pension scheme. Six people hold a seat on the Board of liquidators.

Name On behalf of Function
N.G. de Jager Employer President
E. Wierenga Participants Secretary
J.C. Besters Employer Treasurer
S.B. Spiessens Employer  
R. Ekkebus Pensioners
Former participants
E.J. Appel Participants  


The Board of liquidators  has set up a number of committees in which meeting documents are prepared. In this way we make use of everyone's expertise. Pensioenfonds Ernst & Young in liquidatie has established the following committees: the agenda, audit and communication committee.

Accountability Body

The Board of liquidators is accountable to the Accountability Body in regard of the policy and the way in which the policy has been carried out. In addition to this, the Accountability Body has an important advisory role and advises the Board of liquidators about a number of matters.

Pension Office

The Pension Office is responsible for the daily operations involved in implementing a pension scheme. The Pension Office makes sure the administration is up-to-date, provides communication to the participants and manages the flows of money. But its most important task is answering all your pension questions! You can always contact us.


Pensioenfonds Ernst & Young in liquidatie has fully insured the pensions with Aegon. This means the pension entitlements are fairly certain.