Partner pension

In addition to the pension you accrue for yourself, a pension has been arranged for your partner. If you pass away, your partner will receive these benefits.

The partner's pension

The partner's pension is a number of benefits for your partner. Your partner will receive these benefits if you pass away. The benefits will stop if your partner passes away themselves. Pensioenfonds Ernst & Young in liquidatie uses the following definition of a partner: the person with whom you married or entered into a registered partnership before you retired. If you live with your partner, they are only entitled to the partner's pension if you are ‘officially’ living together. This means you need to have a civil partnership agreement. This notarized agreement must show that you have been living together for at least six months. You should also register your partner with the pension fund.

The amount of the partner's pension

If you pass away, your partner will receive the partner pension that you accrued up to 1 July 2018 at Pensioenfonds Ernst & Young in liquidatie. You can see this amount on the Uniform Pensioenoverzicht or on

Register your partner with the pension fund using this form